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Classroom Book Storage for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary Schools - Bulk discounts available

Create a reading corner that will encourage kids to pick out books and read. The award-winning Tidy Books Kid’s Bookshelf and portable Tidy Books Box displays kid’s books front facing, and the simple design of the front panels make it easy for kids to pick out books by themselves. Tidy Books’ original book storage solutions will make books fully accessible in all Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary classrooms.  

“I purchased two Tidy Books Boxes for our playgroup. I am really impressed with the quality and sturdiness! We have recently been Ofsted inspected and were advised to store our books in a more attractive way for the children to independently access them and your Tidy Books Box is just perfect!” Sam Cooper, UK

Practical and space-saving, Tidy Books’ book storage designs are ideal for classrooms.. The portable Tidy Books Box is ideal for story time in outdoor classrooms or for pack-away kindergarten settings. The Tidy Books kid’s Bookshelf is slimline, storing up to 85 books, and attaches safely to the wall, so it can’t be toppled.

“Bufa purchased 100 Tidy Books Boxes for 100 Toddler groups operating in the Bradford District.   Five years on the book boxes are still a feature in the groups’ book corners and feedback from the leaders and parents has been positive.” Susan Holmes, Bradford Under Fives Association

Tidy Books classroom storage ideas are:

  • Safe for kids; with an eco-friendly water lacquer finish and rounded corners.
  • Original child-led design with simple front panels encourages kids to select books independently.
  • Fully safety tested.

Get your classroom reading corner in place:  Ordering 6 or more items?  Get  in touch at or call us at +44 (0)208520 4647.

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