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The Tidy Books Bookshelf with Alphabet


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The Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase


Get your child reading with the award-winning Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase.  

Tidy Books’ original bookcase design makes it easy for your child to pick out books for themselves, encouraging independent reading. The 3D alphabet helps kids learn their letters.

Designed by a mum, the Tidy Books bookcase was the first front-facing bookcase for the home, and aligns with Montessori principles

Eco-friendly production and stylish, compact design make this the ideal child’s bookcase.

  • Holds up to 85 books of all shapes and sizes  
  • Dimensions: H 115cm, W 77cm, D 7cm
  • Eco-friendly sustainable wood.  No MDF
  • Can be personalised
  • Free delivery usually within 5-10 working days*
  • Safe, water lacquer finish
  • Handmade finish**
  • Fixes securely to the wall.

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  • Free delivery, via FedEx usually within 3-5 days from dispatch. Please note there is a 2-3 days processing period. Once dispatched you will an email with your FedEx tracking number.
  • Products marked as sold out will be delayed. In this case, please refer to the product image for delivery times.  


  • Handmade and finished with safe, eco-friendly water lacquer.
  • We made an ethical choice not to use thick, solvent based acrylic.
  • Water lacquer shows wood’s natural imperfections and grain patterns.
  • Your product will have a natural, handmade vintagey look in style and finish.
  • Read more here How we Manufacture.



Holds up to 85 children's books of all shapes and sizes.


H115cm  x W77cm x D7cm

Assembly Required



3D letters encourage kids to learn letters


Sustainable solid lime wood and lime plywood (No MDF)
Will not bend under weight of books

Back panels included

Books will not slip behind the bookcase

Eco-friendly finish

Finished in safe water lacquer which has low VOCs and is virtually odourless. It’s better for the planet, the producers and your family. Read more here How we Manufacture

Handmade finish

Our designs are handmade and finished with water lacquer. We could have coated the wood with a thick, solvent based acrylic, but we made an ethical choice. Water lacquer is a safe,eco-friendly finish that shows the natural imperfections and grain patterns in the wood. It means your product will have a natural look in style and finish, with the charm of a handmade product. Read more here How we Manufacture

Replacement parts

Available to order from us when you need them.


Fixes securely to the wall. Can't be toppled

Safety tested

Manufactured to safety standard BSEN1727

Originality guaranteed

Copyrighted and trademarked design

Design classic

The original design was a first, and changed the concept of what a ‘good’ kids bookcase should do.

Investment buy

Will last for up to 10 years and can be passed on.


Fitting your bookcase to the wall

The bookcase is designed to rest on the floor, at about 5cm from the wall. For safety, you will need to screw the top of the bookcase into the wall. The bookcase will lean towards the wall at a slight angle, leaving space for dado rails and skirting boards.

Wear and tear might mean a letter goes missing from your bookcase. If it happens, get in touch and we’ll make sure your bookcase has a complete alphabet once more.

For your child’s safety, we leave the screws uncovered. The bookcase is designed for very small children to use, and a cap or cover on the screws would be a choking hazard.  

The heights of the shelves mean small and large books fit neatly.

Small books don’t get lost, and large books have a home on the differently sized shelves. The dimensions of each shelf are:

  • Top, open shelf:  height 31cm
  • Second shelf down: height 23cm
  • Third shelf down: height 18cm
  • Bottom, fourth shelf: height 27cm
  • Just a reminder, each shelf is 77cm wide and 7cm deep.  

Our product story


"Everything I make is designed to be fun and enjoyable for children, to draw them in and foster their sense of independence.  

I created the Tidy Books bookcase because ordinary children's bookcases decorated or not made no sense to me - books fall out. Plus how can you put such thin books of different sizes on an ordinary shelf?  A box doesn't work either as the kids can’t see the covers.  I wanted something that works well for kids and their books and looks good too, so I created the original Tidy Books children's bookcase for my daughter, Adele in 2004.  And this changed the way books are presented to children in the home.

I make sure all my designs are stripped back to keep them looking stylish so they blend easily into a home. It’s about creating a timeless classic that can be passed down through the generations.

My designs give kids the freedom to discover their world by themselves- because kids really do know best."

Geraldine, Founder and Designer of Tidy Books


  • Free delivery, via FedEx usually within 3-5 days from dispatch. Please note there is a 2-3 days processing period. Once dispatched you will an email with your FedEx tracking number.
  • Products marked as sold out will be delayed. Please see product for delivery times.  

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