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Our story begins with a 3-year-old girl, Adele, and her mom, Geraldine. One day, when Adele pulled out all her books from the shelf looking for a special book, Geraldine knew her girl needed a better bookcase.

In the year 2004, there were no bookcases made especially for kids, which Geraldine thought was strange. So one night, in her violin workshop, with coffee in hand and a great idea in mind, she got to work making Adele’s very own bookcase.


Adele loved it so! And she wasn’t the only one. Geraldine’s friends started asking if they could have a charming and unusual bookcase just like it. So it was that Geraldine gave up her craft and set up her bookcase business with less than $1,000 in her pocket, but with a simple and brilliant idea.

Ten years down the line, Geraldine’s idea didn’t falter one little bit, and business picked up. There were some ups and downs, like that time an 18-wheeler was about to deliver some pallets to Geraldine’s workshop, but blocked her street for hours. This was a sign that business was really taking off.  


Behind Geraldine’s original, practical and whimsical designs stood the notion that creation should be ‘Useful and Beautiful’, as William Morris so brilliantly put it into words. As for Tidy Books, it’s old-fashioned craftsperson’s values that set the company apart: her love of quality products, care for customers, and being responsible towards the planet and the suppliers.

Geraldine has always been a believer in books as a force for good, and as Tidy Books grew, her team has had the opportunity to help children improve their life chances by reading..

Having partnered with two literacy charities, Beanstalk in the UK and LitWorld in the USA, Geraldine makes sure that proceeds from every purchase you make are used to bring books, stories and dreams into the lives of children who need them.

If you know where we’re coming from, then you believe in your heart in the power of books, too. And like us, you’ll want to empower children and parents from the four corners of the world to cuddle up with a book.



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