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Four ways to encourage summer reading this vacations

Some tips to help you getting your kid reading this summer


Not long and we will be in June already. That means that summer vacations will start soon. Very soon. And with summer vacations as every year the threat of "summer slide" is approaching. Kids might stop reading during these long weeks off school! Find out here how you can help to avoid it.

Motivate the kids

Certainly you'll agree that it is essential and of great benefit if kids keep reading during summer. Maybe you build reading lists and try finding other ways to motivate our kids to read? That's great! Yet a central questions is: Do they still see reading as a chore? Because our goal should be to turn it into a pleasure. Then, and only then, they'll start to read independently, without any encouragement necessary!

To reach that, it is important to give them the freedom of choosing what they want to read. (If you do not want to buy lots of books you can use your local library and if books are completely refused by the little ones try giving a chance to comics). If you then add some kind of incentive system with little rewards and prizes as the kids "tame" one book after another you can be nearly sure to reach your goal - Reading will become fun!

Build your own event

You could even try building up a little event with other parents or your local library to make it a competition with other kids of your town or neighborhood. This would be a great way to motivate the kids to read and to enjoy it. At the same time it also would promote interaction of our offsprings during the infinite weeks of summer holidays.

Join an event

If you'd prefer it a bit easier: Did you already hear about the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge? This event started already on May 5th and will run through September 5th. But don't worry! You can register anytime for free.

They need the all the help they can get as they aim at breaking the world record of summer reading! By the way, the theme of this event is "Reading under the stars", so it's great for little astronomers and astronauts!

You ask how it works? It's really simple: You and your child measure the time spent reading and then register these minutes on the Scholastic website. This THE chance for your little one to contribute to surpass 176,438,476 minutes of reading, which was last years' world record.

The benefits

The great thing about it is that, advancing through summer and registering minutes, weekly milestones can be reached. This will unlock online rewards and fun information about star constellations. Besides, you can enter to win "real-world" books and you can rummage book lists sorted by age categories.

Registry is easy and you'll definitely will get your kids reading - just by inviting them to help breaking a world record! Who wouldn't want to participate in such an event? You also can help growing a lifelong love of books if you allow reading to become a special, exciting experience. For example by permitting your little one to read at night and outside below the starry sky or during a camping vacation!

By the way, if you do it during mid July until end of August you also have good chance to see lots of shooting stars, the maximum of the "perseids" being on August 12th!



So now that you have a plan for encouraging summer reading you might wonder how you should get and store the books under open sky. Nothing easier than that with the Tidy Books Book Box! It is a great-looking, handy and portable box neatly storing up to 40 kids books of all sizes! Of course, by displaying the books' covers, it also encourages independent reading! Discover it now!

To make a fascinating summer for your kids why not sign them up to "Reading under the stars", get a Book Box and enjoy the long summer evenings outside, helping to grow a love of books in your little ones?

Will you do that or do you have other great ideas to help your kids with reading this summer vacations?

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