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How to tidy up your kids' room

After a very long and harsh winter we can now smell spring in the air. Trees come into leaf, flowers into blossom. Sun shines warm from a blue sky. Everything feels fresh and new. You get this feeling that it is the ideal time to do the spring cleaning. You feel motivated, go up the stairs and pass the kids’ room and... HEAVENS!

What happened in there? How can two little persons cause such a mess? But do not lose your motivation – we have some very helpful tips handy!


Your 5-steps guide for a spring-fresh home.

Just read on to find your master plan for the spring cleaning. Be aware that our focus will be on how to get your kid's room clean. Of course this plan can also be used only for tidying your kids’ room.


First of all, do not just start! Make a plan on what you have to do and then prioritize your tasks. We recommend you to start with the big ones. Get them out of the way first or you may have lost your energy after sorting out the little things. Consider, that kids might not understand, as we do, what “tidy” means.

Try and make a picture chart showing all the steps which have to be done to have a clean room! And make sure you have enough storage available for all the toys!

 Get Help

As a second step get help. Involve your whole family. Plan the spring cleaning as a Saturday fun event for the whole family. Present it especially to the younger ones as a game. This will considerably lower resistance towards the tasks. Two options we like are putting it up as a competition using a kitchen timer and using sing-along songs to make it more fun for the little ones.

 Sort and get rid off

All around the house, and especially in kids’ rooms things use to accumulate during a year. Toys, magazines, books, all the odds and ends you buy, use some weeks and then forget. This is why you have to sort stuff in two groups. Keep and Get-rid-off.

Be careful with the kids’ stuff, they might feel very attached to items you regard as unimportant.

But we know – kids sometimes feel attached to everything. So if that’s the case just make a compromise on the items you know they are not playing with currently: Suggest storing them for half a year or so and promise to give them back if they are still missed then.

Be aware that “get rid” does not necessarily mean that you have to throw it away! If it is in a good condition you can give it to friends, to kindergartens, charities... Or keep it and rotate toys every 1 – 3 months. You’ll see that it’s just like Christmas for the little ones!

 Build a system

Well, that is probably the most important part. If you do this right now it might save you a lot of work in the future! The quintessence is that you and your toddlers know where to put things, that you have clear places for everything.

A great way to achieve this is to use labeled containers. For kids nice colored stickers, ideally with pictures, work best. For some of the smaller bits our Tidy Books Shelf might be suitable, for books our award-wining bookcase could be used perfectly. Find out yourself how!

We can also recommend a system of baskets for the toys and clothes. The common ground here is the easy access for the kids, which is absolutely essential to encourage independent tidying up.


Getting the room clean

After all the other steps, this should be child’s play! Just do the actual cleaning – vacuuming, mopping and so on.

There is only one snag: First all the toys have to be put into your new storage system. But here’s the good news: You can effectively let your kids participate in this task!

Tidy up together!

Remember to split the task, divide the space or your little ones will be simply overwhelmed by the project of tidying up the whole room. Then start packing away the stuff, showing and explaining what you do. If your toddler has no chance to leave and to entertain himself, he will start o help you soon.

Getting back to the system, we recommend establishing a routine for the kids. Whether it is a quick daily clean up or whether you fix it for every weekend, it will help you to keep the room fairly tidy.

This will work best if you do a reward scheme too, for example using stickers. If the kids clear up they get a sticker. And every 5 stickers you could reward them with a little treat. Be creative! And do not forget to praise if your kids successfully tidied up their room!

 Some Storage Tips&

To round up your spring cleaning experience we have gathered some more storage ideas for your kids’ room.

* Baskets and boxes are available in every shape and size, so make sure you use them to fill every gap and every unused corner. There is a lot of storage space! By the way, our favorite is a combined storage and seating like this.

* Use the back of the door to install hangers for coats, bags, etc.

* If you have a lot of little stuff, like accessories for doll houses, keep match boxes and vitamin tubes – they are perfect to store this kind of things.

* Buy a hammock and use it as storage for plush toys – this works really well and all you need is a hook in the ceiling.

Do not limit storage to the kids’ room! Get some great-looking storage for other room where toys tend to get lost, like the living room or the bath room. You could try the Book Box for example. Its modern design fits every room. And should you still have to move it, it’s portable – so it is super easy! Check out what else it has to offer.

Also visit our Pinterest Board for a lot more storage ideas for kid’s rooms.

So you now have a super-easy plan on how to get your spring cleaning done and how to tidy up your kids' room. No more excuses for postponing it. It can really be fun if everyone helps. It will be a shared experience.

And always imagine how good you will feel after accomplishing your tasks. How delighted you will feel if you enjoy the already warm spring sun knowing your house is super clean again!

We invite you to amend this guide with your own experiences and tips. Just leave a comment!

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    It is very good idea to make a plan before to start the cleaning especially in the cleaning in the kid's room. Very useful article! Keep going!

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