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Tidy Books Top 10 Easter Activities

Bunnies, eggs and chocolate - that is what our kids think about on Easter. Parents think about how to combine decorating, cooking and entertaining the family with a lot of fun for your kids! We show you how. Go ahead and check out the Tidy Books Top 10 Easter Activities below! 

home-easter-eggsSpring has arrived and Easter is just around the corner.  Our kids will enjoy their spring break and hopefully you will also get some days off to relax and enjoy these days with your family.

We thought about what you could do with your little ones these holidays and here are the Tidy Books Top 10 activities for an “egg-citing” Easter:

1. Obviously, you will do the traditional egg hunt, but think about also organizing an egg race or an egg roll, just like in the White House? This promises a lot of fun for the whole family!

2. Looking for some last minute Easter decoration? Nothing easier than that: Take some blown out eggs and watercolors and your kids will produce the most beautiful works of art to decorate your home.

3. Check out our Easter Pinterest Board or the web for a lot of creative and easy DIY handicraft ideas to embellish your house and get it ready for Easter – and to keep your toddlers busy for hours! We were enchanted by these nice potatoe-stamps which fit all ages and deliver great results!


4. Staying on the decorating theme: Design a fantastic and super easy disguise for your kids. Just do some ears or a whole bunny mask from paper or cotton. This definitely will make Easter double the fun for them!

5. Create your own small garden in egg-shells! Just keep some half eggshells, put some soil in and plant seeds, water and wait until the magic of nature unfolds.


6. Visit a farm in your vicinity. Take your kiddos to pick up some eggs and to see real rabbits – they will love it!

7. Love the outdoors? Then take your family to a walk in the park and enjoy some sunny moments in the blooming nature together with your loved ones.


8. Make a Cake! Let your kids help and decorate the cake. Not only will it be a lot of fun for them but also a tasty delight for your Easter menu.

9. Needing some time just for yourself? Look for events organized by clubs, your town or church etc. You will most certainly find an egg hunt or themed days organized for kids during the Easter holidays.

10. And last but not least: Read! Pick a nice book about Easter, animals, spring or any other topic, snuggle up with your kids and read it with them. Honestly, is there anything better? And if you feel like doing a little reading nook in your house why not use one of Tidy Books’ slim line Kids Bookcases or a portable Book Box to read the favorite books wherever you are. Explore what else you will get from our bookcase!

Now tell us: What is your favorite Easter activity to do with the little ones?

Have a nice holiday!

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