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Tidy Books partners with LitWorld, global literacy non-profit organization

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1% of all Tidy Books’ online sales go to LitWorld, the literacy non-profit organization.


It’s simple.  We want all children to get reading and love reading - it’s so important for life.  And I want Tidy Books to play its part.  So, Tidy Books has teamed up with LitWorld to get more children reading in the underserved communities around the world, including Haiti, The Philippines and parts of the United States.   

Literacy is so powerful it can change a child’s life, with a simple thing, such as having a great book to read, a sympathetic teacher, and the chance to share stories aloud.  




LitWorld reaches out to local communities in 12 countries to give children, particularly girls, who make up two thirds of the world’s illiterate, the space to grow and learn in its LitClubs, LitCamps and Innovation HubsAnd you can help too. Every time you buy a Tidy Books product from our online store, we will give 1% of the purchase price to LitWorld.




This year, LitWorld is rolling out LitClubs and LitCamps in Jordan, Zambia and the west Coast of the US to reach out to more children who need the life-transforming power of stories.  And it plans to keep on growing to meet the demand.

I hope you’ll join us in helping
LitWorld reach its goals, for all of our children’s future.  Please tell your friends:  When you buy a Tidy Books product, from our online store, we’ll give 1% of the sale to LitWorld and together we’ll change lives through a love of reading.


You can help by clicking 'share''like' or 'tweet' below to let all your friends and family know! 


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