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Tidy Books News

  • From the violin workshop to the Homeland set

    Have you been watching Homeland? Whether you just drop in from time to time, or you’re a devoted fan, you may well have spotted a Tidy Books bookcase in Carrie’s New York apartment.

    Set designers for TV series like Homeland leave no detail to chance. So I was just a little bit gobsmacked to see one of my bookcases in Carrie Mathison’s daughter’s bedroom. How did the kid’s bookcase that I made in my violin workshop make its way to the set of an iconic show? I tracked down the team on the Homeland set to find out.

    In a surreal, but uplifting phone conversation with the Homeland production assistant, she told me how rigorously they pin down every detail on the film set.  She gave me a fascinating insight into the process of choosing each item for the show, including the bookcase, telling me; “You would not believe how many people it goes through before it gets agreed.”

    Franny’s bedroom, where much of the action takes place, has been painstakingly put together. The set production team begin with a brainstorm, and then the shopper researches and gathers potential items; think furniture, curtains, toys. The shopper takes hundreds of photographs to test how they will work on screen. Next, each product is scrutinised by the concept designer and the set designer until they have created exactly the right look to frame the story, right down to a vase on the windowsill or a picture on the wall. 

    I couldn’t help but be impressed; Carrie’s apartment in New York is seriously smart and Franny’s room, where Quinn and Saul talk to Franny and Carrie is a child’s dream; cute, stylish and cosy. And the bookcase fits perfectly!

    The conversation I had with the Homeland production assistant was a magical moment; the bookcase that I’d created for my daughter in my violin workshop in East London, because I couldn’t find a good kid’s bookcase, has travelled to the set of an iconic TV series which has fans all over the world. The production assistant was delighted that we’d got in touch - I think the magic resonated her too.

    It takes me back to how Tidy Books started, when I was watching my daughter Adele, then aged 3, getting frustrated with trying to find the book she wanted on a traditional book shelf. In that moment, I knew what sort of bookcase she needed. And when I couldn’t find what I needed in the shops, I set about making my own design in my violin workshop once Adele had been tucked in for the night.

    As the drama unfolds, key scenes take place in Franny’s room, with Quinn and Saul sitting on the bed to talk to Franny, and Carrie; there are plenty of opportunities to spot the Tidy Books bookcase! My favourite scene so far is where Quinn and Carrie are gathering items for Franny in her foster home, and Carrie picks out a book from the bookcase. I’ve got a little glimmer of hope that Franny’s love of books will be a comfort while she’s away from home.

    When I set up Tidy Books with a £500 investment; I couldn’t have envisaged that one real-life mother-daughter would be connected with a fictional mother-daughter in Homeland by my bookcase!

    So, next Sunday evening, if you tune into Homeland, it’s highly likely you’ll spot Franny’s Tidy Books bookcase. It’s been part of the action in most episodes so far, and as Carrie fights to bring her daughter home, it’s sure to feature again.

    You can see how the plot will unfold in this trailer. Will you be watching on Sunday?

    To celebrate its icon status, we're giving you 15% OFF the Tidy Books Bookcase in natural with letters. 

    Use code HOMELAND15 at the checkout 

  • Get ready for World Read Aloud Day! March 4th 2015

    Do you love to read aloud? This joyful activity has its own annual celebration: World Read Aloud Day on the first Wednesday of March. World Read Aloud Day was created by LitWorld, a New York City based non-profit working nationally and globally to end illiteracy through transformational reading and writing programs, writes Megan Karges of LitWorld.
  • Tidy Books wins Loved by Parents Award 2014 - voted by parents!

    The innovative Tidy Books Box, the portable book storage solution, is now approved by parents. It was recently honored with a Silver Loved by Parents Award in the category Best Nursery Accessory.


    Loved By Parents Silver Award Logo

    Parents do trust Loved by Parents Awards a lot when it comes to choosing a product for their little ones. This is because the winners are chosen by an anonymous committee but by other parents through a public vote. In a first step, experts at Loved by Parents compiled a shortlist from hundreds of entries. Then in June 2014 50,000 moms and dads cast their vote for the brands they love.

    Tidy Books Box placed besides staircase - read wherever you want!

    Tidy Book Book Box has been chosen by these moms and dads because it helps developing a kid's love of reading.  A mom of two created it, so it is really straightforward and independently to use, also for the smallest ones! With its unique design it makes books appealing and fun, already in the decisive early years!

    According to Ruth Duncan, Tidy Books marketer, parents especially like the Book Box as it reminds them to read with their children. She further explained: "Our awards wins give parents the confidence that other parents have given Tidy Books the thumbs up.” 

    Outstanding features of the Tidy Books Book Box are its portability and the presentation of the front covers of books. This makes it extremely easy for kids, no matter how small/young to see and pick a book by themselves. Style and Sturdiness make it the ideal peace of furniture, for living room AND playroom! That it's made from sustainable wood is an additional bonus. All boxes also can be used as tool to introduce telling the time as they come with a removable play clock!

    Tidy Books Box encourages kids to read. The Box in full use!

    Geraldine Grandidier, mother of two and founder and designer of Tidy Books said; “We’re delighted to win a Loved by Parents Award.  It is solid proof that other parents know how important it is to make kids books accessible to even the smallest child, so that they get hooked on reading from an early age.”

    That this is of crucial importance is also shown by the fact, that American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends reading with babies from the earliest days onward.

    Find out here how the Tidy Book Box would work for your family!

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