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Summer reading fun with the Tidy Books Book Box

There's a problem. A really big problem. E v e r y  s i n g l e  y e a r our teachers have to spend 4-6 weeks to RE-teach contents and skills that kids simply lost during summer time![1] Unfortunately this includes particularly our kid's reading skills. This is due to several reasons: families go on travel, kids stay at home all day where they can find so many tempting screens, the visit to granny and grampa....

But here's the good news! With reading only 4 books as summer reading you can effectively counteract summer slide![1] However, there's more to it...

Relaxing and reading in a hammock

If your little one already is a book lover, obviously there shouldn't be that much a problem. On the other hand, if you've got a reluctant reader at home it uses to be difficult to motivate him/her to read as so many other distractions are around.

Make books available in boring moments!

This is where the Tidy Books Book Box comes into play! To grow little bookworms it is essential to be able to provide books just in the moment the child gets bored. With no or few other stuff around books will capture the full attention! With our Book Box, which essentially is a portable book storage solution, you can keep books always near your toddler! What's more, due to it's modern and timeless design, you wouldn't even bother having it placed right in the middle of your living room. Visitors would most likely even admire this new piece of furniture.

Tidy Books Box in stylish arrangement - perfect for summer reading fun


Let them choose what they are interested in!

Studies found that 91% of kids are convinced, that they are more likely to finish a book if they've chosen it themselves! Plus, children are more likely to become frequent readers when interesting books are kept at home.[1] The Tidy Books Box does both for you. It allows you to keep all the favorite books of your little one in one place and it will encourage them to read independently! How it works? Well it's simple: Books are presented with the cover facing forward which motivates kids to independently browse and pick books. Those are stored right at kid's height which makes books very accessible. In other words: The Book Box is designed for an easy and straightforward use! Summer reading fun practically guaranteed...

Motion LLS showing how Tidy Books Book Box is working Click to see moving!

With a storage capacity of up to 40 books of all shapes and sizes there is no reason to worry about how to make sure your kiddo can choose from an appropriate selection of stories. Indeed, this amount should allow you to keep enough books to read during the whole summer!

"Let children choose their own books, from an appropriate selection. This helps build a lifelong love of reading." - Building Blocks, US Department of Health and Human Services

Combine with playful learning!

Matthew The Cowboy - a book great for summer reading fun AND learningAs I mentioned initially, kids, during summer, forget a lot of the stuff they've learned in school. You can counteract that with a bit of playful learning. Just mix "Only-for-fun" books with such that also contain valuable lessons. And I don't mean a book about maths, I mean indirect lessons.For example if you're planning to visit an ancient Indian village or a fort, get a book about Indians or the "Wild West" in general. Your little one will love the story AND learn something about the past of the US. It is really important that you always keep summer reading fun!

By the way, (s)he could also learn to tell the time with the Book Box as it features a beautiful play clock on its side. Again, just talk about what it is and how it works when your toddler starts playing around with it anyways.

See summer as chance to make reading fun!

And change your perspective of summer - it is not a threat to reading skills (which is such a common view) it's a chance to turn reading into a pleasure! Consider making it a very different experience to what the kids are used to from school. You could do that by taking a blanket and the Book Box and start reading in the garden. Or if you've got a park near you, why not combine it with a picnic?

Family reading in the park - summer reading fun at its best! Summer reading garden nook! Nice little tent between blooming bushes.

You could even create a little reading hide-out or a reading corner in your garden. Soon, it will be the greatest fun for your little one to lie in the sun (or to crawl in the hide out), reading a good book. And again the Book Box comes handy. It is portable so you can neatly store the books, wherever it'll be. And it's solid construction from sustainable wood makes sure you  don't have to worry about damages. Make sure to check out our Pinterest Board on Summer Reading on some inspirations on this topic!

Get your kids involved!

Tidy Books Box in action!

Remember the quote further up? Let your little one choose what to read. Only if it's her/him that is realy interested in the book you can be sure that it will be a joy to read it. Involve them from selecting the book in the library/ shop to letting them pick the actual book they want to read at a certain moment.

Without the pressure of school and this freedom, reading will become a favorite activity in the blink of an eye. Again our Tidy Books Book Box will support this as it encourages the independent selection of books by kids to guarantee that they develop a deep and lasting passion for reading!

So why don't you take this chance and get your Book Box now to make summer reading fun and plant the seeds to grow a lifelong love for books this summer?

What are your experiences with summer reading? Is it always a new struggle for the little ones? What do you do about it, then? Or does it just work out without your encouragement?

[1] Scholastic Facts on Summer Reading

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