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    I can still remember my first experience of being read to as a child. It was at school, when I was five or six, and the book was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Instantly, I was hooked. To me, the idea that you could be transported somewhere different, where weird and wonderful things happened, was just extraordinary.

    At the time my family was living in the New Hebrides – now known as Vanuata – and when they moved to France when I was eight I tried, unsuccessfully, to find the book. It wasn’t until I came to England at 23 that I was finally reunited with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It felt like meeting an old friend again.

    As a child, discovering books was like finding a portal to another dimension. I was amazed – and still am – that with a book you can travel the world, meet a whole host of people and characters and can travel backward or forwards in time. It’s just the most wonderful thing. I’m such a book lover that I even named my son, Emile, after my favourite writer Emile Zola, while my daughter Adele was given the same name as the daughter of author Victor Hugo. Continue reading

  • Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

    Back in 2004, when I founded Tidy Books, my aim was to make a kids bookcase that made sense to kids. I saw how my four-year-old daughter, Adele, struggled to find the book she wanted because she couldn’t see the front cover. Most of her books ended up on the floor as she pulled out one after the other from her bookcase, searching for Babar the Elephant. It was frustrating for her, and made a messy pile of books on the carpet for me to tidy up! So I made our lives easier – I designed a front-facing bookcase.

    Well, Adele loved her new bookcase. With the book covers clearly on display she could instantly find her favourite book when she needed it. As a parent, it was lovely to watch her – I could see how she was drawn to the bookcase and how she enjoyed picking out the books she wanted to read. Seeing the joy she found in her books inspired me to continue making products that stimulated kids' love of reading. Continue reading

  • Designing a Child’s Room to Foster Independence

    If you're looking to design your kid's room which helps them grow and fosters their independence, read on.  We asked the home design experts at Modernize to show us how they'd use Tidy Books designs to help your little ones love their space, and their books.

    When it comes to decorating and organizing your little one’s bedroom, it can be difficult to know where to start. While your kids might have their own opinions about which cartoon characters and colors they’d like to see in their room, it’s up to you to make their space something that is truly theirs. At Modernize, we think the best way to do this is to design your children’s bedroom with self sufficiency in mind. Don’t worry—it’s not as tough as it sounds. This area-specific guide will tell you exactly how to arrange your kid’s room in order to foster their independence (with a little help from the fantastic products at Tidy Books). Continue reading

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