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Make homework fun: 6 great tips to get your kid studying

School starts soon, and with school comes homework. Most first-graders are excited about these assignments, but as the school years go by, kids are less likely to enjoy doing their homework. Try these tips to make studying fun again!

Homework tips for kids: homework can be fun! Ban technical devices from the homework station to avoid distractions. (c) Brian Smith

1)      A place for work

Set up a place in your home that is solely for homework – no crafting or playing at the desk. It will be much easier for your kids to do their homework when there’s nothing to distract them. Make sure the space is clean and well lit and the chair is comfortable, too. When your kids are a little older and need a computer for their assignments, try making it clear that it should be used only for homework purposes during that time. Surfing the web or playing video games doesn’t help with finishing homework on time.

 2)      Talk about it

Talk about the assignments from school and why your kids have to do homework. Make them understand how it’s important to do it on a regular basis to solidify and memorize things that they’ve learned at school and to apply and practice their knowledge. They will enjoy doing their homework more when they know why it’s beneficial!

3)      Set a good example

Your kids should concentrate on their homework and not let anything distract them – the same goes for you. Don’t use your phone during homework time, or at least don’t let your kids see it. Switch off the TV and the radio so your little ones can concentrate on their tasks. If your kids do their homework in the kitchen or living room, sit with them and get some work of your own done or cook dinner while they are studying. That way, you’re around when they need any help.

4)      Food

Food! Learning on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Give your kids a nutritional snack to eat before starting homework. That way, you’ll prevent them from being distracted by a growling stomach.

Homework with kids: Make it fun with these homework tips for kids!5)      Independence

Homework helps your kids to learn how to manage time effectively, so let them organize themselves. It should be their own choice which homework to do first. Make them write down all assignments in a homework notebook so they’ll never forget what they have to do.

Support independence – of course you should be there to help when your kids have questions, but try leaving them on their own for a bit so that they learn how to work independently. Let them try to accomplish tasks before helping with review.

Don’t do your kid’s homework! Support them and help out when there’s something they don’t know, but don’t do their assignments just because it’s the quickest way to get it done. Instead, help them find the right resources to look up what they need to know – this could be a certain section in the local library or an online encyclopedia.

6)      Make it fun with a competition

Make it fun – a competition will motivate your kid to accomplish their homework much faster! Challenge them to be done by a certain time or let them choose what’s for dinner when they start doing their homework straight after coming home from school.

And, most important, remember that learning new things should be fun! So give your kid and yourself a break if needed. We hope these tips help you make homework and studying more fun!

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