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  • US pediatrics appeal to parents: Read to babies!

    It has got something historic: For the first time the reputable American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published guidelines on reading with kids, and especially babies. The content of these guidelines is unambiguous! The experts say that it is of crucial importance that parents read to their kids - continuously!


    AAPReferring to scientific results and the explanations of experts of many years' standing, the doctors of AAP recommend reading to babies on a daily basis. They indicate that this, when done from birth to kindergarten, can have the following positive effects:

    >> prompting ideal structure of brain development

    >> toughens the relationship between parents and kids

    >> helps in building language skills as well as reading proficiency and social-emotional abilities

    Dr. Peter Richel, chief of pediatrics at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York confirms the statements of AAP by saying:

    "I do see earlier word recognition, earlier phrases and sentence formation [...] in those who are exposed to daily reading"

    Of course one also has to find the time to read with the little ones to make the benefits kick in! However, many parents today are very busy and "pediatricians are concerned about the widespread use of screen technology [...] which may be edging out reading time". 

    You can find the full article right here. And in case you'd want to have a look into the AAP guidlines: You can find them here.

    baby-mom-reading-copyNow these are fundamental and important findings on early reading. And they support us in our mission to get kids reading.

    Tidy Books Bookcases and Book Boxes are specially designed to motivate toddlers, even the smallest ones, to pick up books independently. This allows reading to become an integral part of daily life. And it makes reading fun.

    Both characteristics make it much easier to implement reading on a daily basis and thereby laying basic foundations for a successful life!

    DSC_6317So why don't you take a look on the range of our bookcases or one of our portable book storage boxes  and start building on the future of your toddler?

    Do you fell like having trouble reading every day with you little one? Have a look on what our reading expert Ruth writes about getting kids to love reading or just leave a comment - maybe she can directly help you!

    Or, in the opposite case - you are already reading each day with your tots - we'd love you to leave a quick comment on when and what you read with them!

    Please also feel free to leave a comment on the content of the article - What do you think about it?

  • Tidy Books is 10! - The anniversary of a great bookcase.

    10 years Tidy Books

    One decade of getting kids reading!
    Geraldine, our founder, cannot believe that so much time already passed since she made the first bookcase for her daughter Adele. Today thousands and thousands of bookcases are loved by parents and kids in countries around the world. Can you imagine it all started in 2004 in East London?

    Of course we will celebrate this amazing anniversary with a lot of fun things in the next week. And to start off, we offer you a fabulous 22% off all Tidy Books' items for one week (expires 06/12/14)!

    10 years is a long time, we all know that. But Geraldine says remembering the amazed reaction from her friends when they saw the first Tidy Books kids bookcase, and wanted one too, it feels as though it was only yesterday. And so it is when she thinks of a customer telling her that her child after getting the Tidy Books bookcase had gone from ignoring books to loving reading.

    How everything began

    You might wonder why Tidy Books actually started. Geraldine couldn't find a good kid's bookcase for her daughter Adele, so she just decided to make one herself. It became the very first Tidy Books bookcase.

    Geraldine's daughter Adele and son Emile, who were the inspiration for the Tidy Books bookcase.

    With just $800 Geraldine set up in business. She started building the bookcases in her violin workshop and sold them via a small ad in a parenting magazine. The whole success of Tidy Books gets even more amazing if you consider that Geraldine had no business background.

    However, her trade, the violin making, had given her a certain way of doing things and another perspective, certain foundations and values: measure twice cut once, creativity, commitment and end products in mind.

    And she really struck a chord with parents, response was overwhelming and business started to develop!

    The day the lorry delivered the first batch of Tidy Books bookcases, the neighbors had quite a bit of trouble of coming through! And on top of that, with no office, the only place to store the bookcases was the living room of Geraldine. As you can see they were stacked up to the roof!

    Why Tidy Books?

    One of the main reasons for creation and success of Tidy Books' bookcases is that traditional bookcases don’t work well for kids and their books. You know as well as we do, that kids’ books are all differently shaped and come in zillions of sizes. They are hard to find without the help of an adult and usually fall over and out of the bookcase when a child picks out a book.

    This means, finding a particular book becomes extremely discouraging for a small child!

    Geraldine's daughter Adele on one of the first promotional pictures of Tidy Books.

    Our customer like us!

    Over the last 10 years you've sent some truly wonderful and encouraging messages and comments. In the words of Geraldine: "It is amazing to hear how something I designed for my daughter has had such an impact on so many kids." Here are some of our favorites:

    Since 2004 new colors and designs have been added to the Tidy Books range. Of course all of them are unique pieces and created for kids. And all of them have been honored with an award too!

    A big Thank You!

    Hopefully you enjoyed reading through the journey of a mom from a violin workshop to the office she's sitting in right now with her employees.

    At this point Geraldine and all her team wants to thank all of you for your brilliant support during this exciting time. And here's to another 10 fabulous years of getting kids reading!

    To mark this celebration we happily offer you a 22% coupon on all items at Tidy Books for one week. Just click here to claim yours today and celebrate with us!

  • Tidy Books wins a NAPPA Parenting Award!

    Tidy Books’ Kid’s Bookcase has been named a 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Silver winner for its innovative and practical design which gets kids reading.


    Tidy Books customers can be sure they're choosing a quality product because it has been selected from hundreds of products by expert testers.  This is what the NAPPA Award testers said:

    "The look and feel of the bookcase is outstanding. Nicely displays books for kids to choose from."

    Tidy Books

    Parents look to the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) to find the best products for their families, and the experts and parent testers in the program take their mission to heart. They eagerly dive in and review, play with and meticulously test each entry. The products honored with the NAPPA seal this year stood out because of their innovation, quality, and the creative ways they help make parents’ lives easier.

    Parents can encourage their kid’s love of books with a Tidy Books Bookcase.  The innovative design is easy for young children to use independently, making books attractive and fun, right from those crucial early years.

    “Our team of expert judges and parent evaluators meticulously scrutinized, tested and played with hundreds of submissions this year,” says Julie Kertes, NAPPA General Manager. “We’re excited to share their list of chosen winners with like-minded parents who value quality and innovation

    The original design of the Tidy Books kid’s bookcase was conceived by mom and Tidy Books founder, Geraldine Grandidier who said:

    Parents tell us that their Tidy Books bookcases have served as a great reminder to read with their children, and that kids are much more interested in their books when they can see them.  Ordinary children’s bookcases decorated or not, made no sense to me – books fall out.  I wanted something that worked well for kids and their books so I created the original Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase.”

    A complete list of all 2014 NAPPA Parenting Resources winners is available at and viewable on the leading family organizational app, Cozi on June 1, 2014.


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