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How does Kristin make reading fun for her kids?

 Have you ever wondered how to get reading books seen as a cool activity for your kids?

Well we have, and with all the video games, tablets and other electronic devices that are tempting our kids nowadays it might appear like an impossible mission. But it's not! You can make reading fun!

The first thing to do would obviously to find some interesting books for your kids. Find the right topic, the illustrations and the writing styles that will suit your child. (If you have no idea at all where to start here is a good list of books dedicated to kids and well indexed by age)

Now  you probably ask yourself "who is Kristin?"

She is a mom and a blogger who demonstrates in her article that with the right tools, reading is a game for kids!

When I say tools I mean a nice place where you can store your books and make them look attractive.Wait did I say a place? It doesn't have to be!

Moreover young kids are hard to follow, always on the move, grabbing  and scattering toys all around the house.


Bonbon Rose Girls show you how to make reading fun Tidy Books book box from Bonbon Rose Girl


 "How do you transform books into toys then ? Without the scattering part please."

Your wish is our command. Our Book Box allows your kids to bring their books everywhere and avoid you having to tidy-up behind them.

The recipe is now share so let’s read, dream, have fun and enjoy the summer. "There’s nothing like lying in the shade and reading on a beautiful summer day”

Do you have your own tips to make reading fun for your kids? Leave your comment here.


Note: Wait who is Guillaume?

As I am new here it might be good to introduce myself.
I am Guillaume Le Page and I take care of the U.S. for Tidy-Books. If you have any questions,  inquiries, thoughts; please feel free to send me an e-mail, it will be my pleasure to help you.

 PS: Talking about summer, a summer slide is a common problem, as your kids going on vacation can make them stop reading in a way that affects their learning capacities.  Next week I will talk about  summer slides and give some tips to avoid them

PPS: Tidy Books has launched its ambassador program in the US and is looking for some people who are interested in getting kids to read. Click here for more information





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