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Great camping trip ideas for the whole family

A family camping trip is affordable and fun – especially with all these great ideas for camping trip activities. A family camping trip is affordable and fun – especially with all these great ideas for camping trip activities.

Are you planning a family camping trip? The camping supplies are important, but so are all the activities that make the trip even more fun! To help you plan the days in advance, we collected the best ideas to make the trip memorable for your kids.

Creative Nature is the best playground! A scavenger hunt is a great way for kids to explore their surroundings. Prepare a list of items to find at home – if you’re on the go and don’t have enough time, you can find scavenger hunt templates online. Settle on some rules before your kids start. Decide on the area that they should stay in and how much time they have to finish the challenge. That way, you can relax while your kids are having fun around the campsite.

Other fun things to do outside: Build a fort in between trees (you might want to bring old blankets for that) or do some acting – pretend to be a family living in the stone or middle age or even in the future!

Sporty There’s plenty of sporty stuff to do around the woods – from ball games to sack or foot races. Bring a football or basketball and chances are your kids will come up with their own games. If it’s hot outside, water games are great to cool down. Water balloons and self made water slides are a fun way for kids to romp around and to let off energy. If you’re travelling in a trailer or camping van, bring your bikes! It’s so much fun to explore the new neighborhood by bike.

S'mores are the classic camping food and a great idea for a family camping trip! S'mores – THE camping food! Did you celebrate national S'mores day on August 10?

Food! One might think it’s hard to cook without a proper stove and kitchen utensils, but there are countless possibilities for easy and tasty camping food. S’mores are a classic – just bring crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. For savory meals, make nachos, stick bread or roasted potatoes. Make sure to bring long-lasting ingredients such as canned foods or pre-packed bread and snacks.

Embrace nature Incorporate your surroundings in your activities! Crafting with natural materials is really easy. Go on a family treasure hunt for beautiful rocks, leaves and sticks and then paint them, glue them together or do something entirely different – find loads of ideas on our Pinterest board.

Great for a family camping trip: a trailer. It makes camping easy and cheap. When travelling in a camping van, you can take much more stuff with you – hello kitchen utensils, board games and, of course, books!

Story time Campfire story time is a great way to calm down after an eventful day – either read a story before bed or make one up together – that way, the whole family is involved. For inspiration, make some story cards ahead: just write down random words on cardboard and then cut it out. Every family member draws two or three cards and then has to invent a story with the words on the cards.

Don’t know how to take all of the kids’ favorite books with you? The Tidy Books Box is great for encouraging your children to read, even on a camping trip. Just put the book box in the trunk of your car and you’ll always have a book at hand! For even more ideas, head over to our camping trip Pinterest board.

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