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9 things you should consider when buying eco-friendly kids furniture

Jane Fonda, US actress, once said "We deal with this world as if we had a second in the trunk." Unfortunately this seems to be true:
Humanity over the past 50 years consumed more resources than ever before in history! And did you know that every year about  100 million (!) trees are cut down just to make this annoying junk mail that keeps blocking our mailbox? (and that's just for the US!)
And unfortunately no one actually HAS a second world in the trunk or in any other place. So it's time to rethink - and every rethinking has to begin in our own home!
It could begin with getting some eco-friendly furniture. In this post, we want to provide you with some ideas and hints on what to pay attention to and what to consider when searching and buying green fittings.

1 Sustainability

As a first, and obvious aspect, any eco-friendly furniture should be made from sustainable material. In short, sustainable means that the resource is replaced faster than used. So wood can be a great input material for this category.

But to make sure that it actually is sustainable look out for the FSC certificate or the Rainforest Alliance Certificate! An alternative can be bamboo, due to its very fast growth.

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2 Recyclable

recycling-296798_150Any product that is truly green can be recycled at the end of its life cycle. But more than that, it also is easy to repair and easy to disassemble. Now, why is that?

--> if you can repair it, there is actually no need for recycling, but you can keep the product longer!

--> Any products you cannot disassemble make recycling incredibly difficult and energy-intensive!

By the way, did you know that there is even great looking furniture around that already HAS BEEN recycled or is made out of recycled material?

3 Long-lasting

20090101-new-yearThe longer a product lasts, the better. The reason is really simple:

--> The longer our things remain in use, the fewer resources and energy is needed to produce new ones. Plus, fewer energy is needed to dispose the old pieces.

So with furniture, you should watch out for those products, that can offer a timeless style and a sturdy construction. They then can turn in family heirlooms and mementos that even your grandchildren can use!


4 Non-toxic

NontoxicThis is one of the most important aspects, particularly if you've got some toddlers around at home. Lots of products are covered with a supposed-to-be-safe varnish.

But in fact, even those that comply with the official standard are emitting toxic substances, day by day, hour by hour. And guess who's inhaling it? And our babies may even lick on it or put pieces into their mouth!

So for the sake of the environment, and your and your family's health, buy ONLY furniture that is really, really low on all kind of toxic substances. This is especially

--> VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that incur in (furniture) paint

--> anti-inflammables that are used in sofas, mattresses and other fittings with cushions.

5 Style

DSC_6301By now, you may think it's impossible to find a piece of furniture that is also looking good.

Fortunately, Nowadays there are companies that are solely dedicated to green furniture. And often times the people working there are a young and dynamic group who is adapting to the newest trends in interior decor. So don't worry! There's a lot of stylish and modern AND eco-friendly stuff out there...

6 Price Drop

falling-prices-graphNow many people associate everything labelled "environmentally-friendly" with astronomical prices. But in the last years prices of green furniture have dropped and they continue falling. And consider:

--> Green furniture on contrast to "normal fittings", goes easy on the environment and producers take measures to make good any harm that might be caused.

--> Eco-friendly furniture is build to last. So you just get it once and not 3 times AND you avoid all the hassle of moving the pieces in and out and getting annoyed by possible poor quality.

7 At the end of a sofas' life

Before you just throw an old or worn-off sofa away, why not ask friends, neighbors or acquaintances if they want to use it? Or donate it to charities or to get rid of it via Craigslist or Freecycle! A friend of mine even told me that he left his old bedstead on the sidewalk one morning with a "Free" sign on it, and when he returned in the evening it was gone!

8 Why you will feel good with eco-friendly furniture.

Happygarden_2411382b--> With green furniture in your house, you can be sure that there is no harm to your health (at least not from you fittings)!

--> You will reduce your carbon footprint and become a part of the solution to urgent problems such as deforestation, soil erosion, global warming and much more!

--> You will do something to preserve our planet as it is and even improve it! With all its beauty. You will preserve it for YOUR kids and grandchildren!

9 Kids and green furniture

From my point of view, the use of green furniture in nurseries is even more important than using it in general. I already briefly mentioned that toddlers tend to lick things or to put them in their mouth. So what I, as a parent, want least is that my little ones do that on surfaces that yield toxic substances. And more so if you consider that babies sleep 14 to 18 hours a day - so I definitely would not want them to sleep in between poisonous fumes of all kind!

And the same holds if they grow up. They touch everything... but now a new dimension comes into play. Eco-friendly furniture can be a great way to introduce the little ones in this early and crucial state to the topics of environmental protection. This will ensure that our kids handle the earth with more care than we do.

Buying eco-friendly furniture therefore can be a first step towards a greener future!

By the way, Tidy Books bookcase is perfectly eco-friendly kids furniture to neatly store your kid's books!

Convince yourself:

- Made of FSC-certified wood? - Check!

- Recyclable? Check! Wood and screws are great for recycling, disassemble is as easy as assembly!

- Long-lasting? Check! All Tidy Books products are designed to last your kids until outgrown and can then be passed on to the next generation!

- Non-toxic? Check! Thanks to our pioneering water lacquer Tidy Books products get a beautiful natural finish and do emit nearly no VOCs!

- And convince yourself of its stylish and modern, but timeless, look:blog b

Yours can arrive within 5 days (most likely earlier!) on your doormat if you order now! Go and make the first step towards a greener future!

We'd love if you shared what you already do to protect our environment!




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