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Designing a Child’s Room to Foster Independence

If you're looking to design your kid's room which helps them grow and fosters their independence, read on.  We asked the home design experts at Modernize to show us how they'd use Tidy Books designs to help your little ones love their space, and their books.

When it comes to decorating and organizing your little one’s bedroom, it can be difficult to know where to start. While your kids might have their own opinions about which cartoon characters and colors they’d like to see in their room, it’s up to you to make their space something that is truly theirs. At Modernize, we think the best way to do this is to design your children’s bedroom with self sufficiency in mind. Don’t worry—it’s not as tough as it sounds. This area-specific guide will tell you exactly how to arrange your kid’s room in order to foster their independence (with a little help from the fantastic products at Tidy Books).


Before you get started with your room design, it’s important to remember two things. Safety should be your first priority. Remember to childproof this room in the same way you would the rest of the house, taking care to eliminate choking, fall, and strangulation hazards throughout. Second, accessibility is the end goal here, so make sure all furniture and accessories are size and age appropriate for your children. When this is done, it’s time to get designing!

Sleeping area

With any luck, your children will spend the majority of time in their bedroom, well, in bed. Create a sleeping area that encourages your children to organize their belongings independently at the beginning and end of the day. We love the Bunk Bed Buddy because it does just this while staying safely mounted to the wall next to the bed (bunk bed or not). Clever storage like this coupled with a regular routine of making the bed and tidying away stuffed animals and books will help your children significantly with bedtime.



Play area

If you have ever met a child before, you will know that cleanliness is not usually a top priority. Kit out your children’s bedroom play area with plenty of storage boxes, bins, and shelves with designated spaces for everything. At tidy-up time, remind your children what goes where (label your boxes and shelves with picture labels if your kids respond to this kind of direction) and encourage them to clean up themselves. Our favorite kinds of bedroom toy storage are moveable, accessible boxes like the Tidy Books Box and strong, well-made bookcases like the Tidy Books Bookcase because they are just the right size for kids.

Entryway/self-care area

Once you’ve begun on the path of independence, you might be keen to take your design one step further. A Montessori-inspired self care station at the entrance to your kid’s bedroom, kitted out with a wash basin, towel, soap, brush, and mirror can help your little ones to learn how to care for their bodies on a regular basis. Whether or not you like the sound of this style of learning, we love the similarly independence-promoting ForgetMeNot magnetic memo boards, which hold all varieties of notes, coats, hats, and backpacks and give your kid’s most precious belongings a place to belong.

Closet area

Before your bedroom redesign is finished, remember to rearrange the closet area (which, if your kids are anything like mine, is probably a bomb site). Lots of storage space, hanging rails, and labels will keep your kid’s closet organized for at least a day or two, while regular tidy up routines and reminders from you will hopefully encourage your little ones to keep it clean more often than not. Well, we can hope anyway!

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