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The benefits of reading aloud to your kids

Reading aloud creates a special relationship between you and your kids


German blogger babykinduudmeer reading aloud with Tidy Books bookcase


"My kid prefers playing or going on the internet rather than reading”. Yes sure but what if YOU read to them, what if reading goes from a relationship between a child and a book to a relationship involving a child, their parent and a story. Reading aloud will not only make books more interesting but will also create an emotional link between you and your kids.

This can be an emotional experience; “The first time I read aloud to one of my children, the experience ended in tears.” Says Mrs. Gurdon in her article.

But even if it does not affect your feelings as much as it did for her you will build something with your kids, something that you might not clearly be able to explain but will always be there.


Let their imagination run wild!

Away from the world of TV and films, where characters are shown as set way, a story let their imagination roam free in the intriguing world of books. How many times have we said to ourselves “I didn't imagine him that way” “It does not look like what I read.” after seeing an adaptation of a book in cinema or any other format. You have your own perception of the world described in a book after reading it, so let kids create their own world!


It will make a difference in their academic career

If we have a closer look at the actual education benefits, you can be sure your kids will develop their vocabulary and discover new words they had little chance to meet outside from a book.  When you are reading aloud, take time to explain the new words, re-read a passage that had raise a particular interest. In short, create an exchange around the book, it can only be more beneficial.

Reading experts agree that reading aloud is the easiest and most effective way to turn children into lifelong readers. Interesting when you know that a student who is known as a reader has better chance to do well in further education and will have more success than non-readers in their school career.


Reading aloud is personal, do it your own way

If you don't really know how to do it, that is not a problem at all! Your kids are not used to it either. It can  take some time to find a way that will suit everyone. Do not be afraid to try different ways of doing the reading: You can create a special atmosphere by building a small hut with bed-sheets or keep it simple and relax in the sofa. It's up to you and your kids!

5th Grade books ideas for reading aloud


Don’t hesitate to use intonation to try to transmit the feelings and even transform it in a kind of role game with your little one.

If you feel like your child is getting too old for stories or does not really appreciate the experience, don’t give up. Maybe it is just because you haven’t found the right book yet. I have created a Pinterest board with some good books for reading aloud which will be updated regularly so make sure you follow it for new ideas!

Do not forget that you can read a 7th grade level book to a 5th grade child, and it will allow then to discover more and maybe create a challenge to be able to read this book by themselves. If you feel that reading a book is not the right solution find magazines, articles, anything you can read that your child likes.

It could also be a good idea to get your older child reading aloud to the younger one. They will have a good time together and it will reinforce the sibling relationship.




I hope you have found some interesting information here. Share your own experience, leave a comment and tell us how you read aloud to your kids and other useful tips.


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