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How to avoid summer slide for your kids?


How to avoid a summer slide for your kids?

We are now in vacation period and kids are enjoying a well deserved time away from school.
The main activities they want to do now are of course enjoying the sun, playing with friends, sports; anything that can entertain them and make their summer unforgettable.

They may however be less keen to read books, as this can be seen as boring or a loss of time and saying that they had read enough books at school.

Therefore kids may stop reading and learning over summer; this quite common phenomenon is called 'summer slide'.

Summer Slide occurs when a child is not engaged in educational activities. They will in fact stop learning but also loose some abilities they had gained over the school year which will affects their academic results.

For example a student typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer. Here is an article explaining the effects of summer slide in more details.

But do not panic! This summer slide can be avoided thanks to fun activities.

There are many ways to smartly entertain your kids! Go to the zoo, museum, play card games or board games that require concentration. You can also organize a contest within the family to see who will take the most beautiful picture of a flower, the week after it can be an animal etc..
Another easy one is to cook with your little one; they will have to follow instructions, keep their mind active and will maybe learn some new words! (It could even make them eat vegetables can you imagine?!)

Last but not least make them read!

There are many ways to get them to read, you will find some nice tips here.
Keep in mind that libraries and book-clubs are organizing free event during summertime so check what is going on there!
Just like you we want the best for kids and just like you we are doing all we can to help them become small geniuses whilst having fun!

I hope you have found some interesting information and that you are more relaxed when the summer slide is mentioned. If you have comments or questions I’m here to help!  Share this article if you've liked it.


PS: Next week’s topic will deal with the benefits of reading aloud to your kids.

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