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  • Do you get school-run stress?

    Ready.... steady... let’s get the kids to school! Hmmm – if only it was that simple! Getting the kids up and ready for school can feel like a race that you’re never going to win. And when the clock is ticking and every minute counts, the stress can really start to mount.

    As a parent, I know this scenario only too well. You get a grumpy child who isn’t happy having to get out of bed. They can’t find their gym kit. The letter from school they were supposed to give you has gone AWOL. And of course when you’re in a hurry to get things sorted, everything takes even longer. The result? A pretty stressed-out, bad-tempered family!

    According to a 2014 survey, parents experience a 30% increase in their stress levels when they wake up with the school run looming in front of them. That stress level spikes at 8.15am and doesn’t return to normal until around 2.30pm. So those manic mornings are bad news for parents – and obviously not a great way for the kids to start their day either.


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  • Designing a Child’s Room to Foster Independence

    If you're looking to design your kid's room which helps them grow and fosters their independence, read on.  We asked the home design experts at Modernize to show us how they'd use Tidy Books designs to help your little ones love their space, and their books.

    When it comes to decorating and organizing your little one’s bedroom, it can be difficult to know where to start. While your kids might have their own opinions about which cartoon characters and colors they’d like to see in their room, it’s up to you to make their space something that is truly theirs. At Modernize, we think the best way to do this is to design your children’s bedroom with self sufficiency in mind. Don’t worry—it’s not as tough as it sounds. This area-specific guide will tell you exactly how to arrange your kid’s room in order to foster their independence (with a little help from the fantastic products at Tidy Books). Continue reading



    Geraldine shares a typical Christmas Day for her and her family... 

    'Around Christmas I think we often feel nostalgic – harking back to simpler times..' Read the full post on the Tidy Books UK blog


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    This Christmas, forget noisy, throwaway gadgets for your kids. Tidy Books has a range of kid’s bookcases and storage solutions designed for babies and beyond.

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