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16 Great Soccer World Cup Activities for the Whole Family

BEAR2-01It's that time again: Some people just seem to disappear. But when you approach their homes you might hear wild cheers, excited chatter and, if everything goes well from now and then a loud "Gooooooooooooooooooooooaaaal!"

Soccer World Cup is taking place in Brazil this year, and our Tidy Books Bear went for us to Sugarloaf to watch the happenings together with the reporters from around the world. From the sunny beaches of Rio he sent us some great ideas on what to do with your little ones during this time of the year!



If you've come here for the competition to win a Tidy Books ForgetMeNot - you'll find it right here. But why not stay a while and read through these amazing ideas?


6059d2b4f304045fd0bee668faafadcaHis first recommendation was, of course, to get ready if you are not yet. He told us that you can get your match schedule directly at the site of FIFA, so you've got the overview of who's playing when. And he thought you could attach it to our ForgetMeNot to always know where to find the next hot matches and to make sure no one's blocking the TV then! And to stay up-to-date with the results why not write them on the integrated whiteboard?

And don't forget to do US-face paintings when you team is playing! Little girls would adore some nail art in national colors! Boys might more likely be delighted by designing an own soccer shirt from an old white t-shirt! There are no limits to creativity!


olympic_flag_garland-5The World Cup is a great occassion to get crafty. Possibilities and ideas are endless, so Tidy Books Bear only send us some of his top favorites. The rest you can find on our World Cup board on Pinterest here.

Your kids will love that one: Just take some sheets of paper and draw the flags of the participating countries with them! If, after completing, you put them on a twine you also get a really amazing decoration for your living room. In case you want to make it a bit easier you can look for some printables to color.

Another thing our Bear was doing down in Brasil was taking some  paper bags and then drawing and decorating it with all kind of World Cup symbols on it. Flags, the Cup, the Jesus statue of Rio, whatever came to his mind. When you then put a tealight in it, or another small candle, this is the perfect decoration for long and relaxing summer evenings. Even after the World Cup has ended... (see picture here)

By the way, the Tidy Books family memo board and organizer is perfectly suitable to keep all the stuff you might quickly need for crafting. Siccors, glue etc could be securly stored in the little shelf out of reach of the kids.Whilst they still could hang their "artist shirts" on the hook.


CIMG4271Could there be a better occasion than an enormous sports event to get out with your little ones and become active?

Tidy Books Bear hot tip is to first build a goal wall with your kids (if they're old enough) and then to do a penalty shootout in your backyard! From his own experience he told us it is great fun for the tots, particularly if you're going to imitate the commentator!

Or as we already entered summer vacation and kids got a lot of spare time: Why not organize your own cup with friends and neighbors on a fine day? A sound sense of competition combined with team spirit and spending time with peers at the same age will make a brilliant day for the kids.

Especially if there is a cup full of sweets and little presents waiting for the winners! And if the kids bring their own sports bag or the shirt of their favorite player you can perfectly hang it on our ForgetMeNot and you won't receive a single call of other parents on forgotten items...usaBLUEFMN


Though kids are free from school now, this doesn't mean they have to stop learning. Tidy Books Bear also send us some great AND fun ideas to learn a bit more about the world. And what's best: they can be perfectly combined with our other activities!

The World Cup is the perfect occasion for the little ones to learn more about the participating countries and their flags. Music enthusiast would definitively enjoy hearing the national anthems. Older kids could even give it try and sing along!

dT6XGz8T9Older kids also can learn some words in foreign languages. You could do one per day of the World Cup or even more, if it works out well.  If you wrote the "word-of-the-day" down on the ForgetMeNot it would definitely be much easier to remember! And imagine what fun it'll be for them to hear this mix of languages. From soccer to fussball and from futebol to booru wamarui.

1396473079967Finally Tidy Books Bear suggested to take a look on what happend in earlier World Cups. Who participated most often? Who has won when? Where did it take place? are some of the most interesting questions.


Tidy Books Bear is a little foodie so he told us that you could perfectly use World Cup to upgrade your meal plan. Just add some dishes from other countries or some fun-food, like decorated cupcakes, to you dining table. Or you might want to do a buffet - maybe on occasion of the final match!?

World_Cup_Top_slant_-IMG_2534_SSHere are his 2 favorite recipes:

Beef Stroganoff 500Though being down in hot Brazil he told us the one of the absolutely best foods from this years countries is Beef Stroganoff from Russia! For him this dish of sauteed beef and sour cream is as easy as delicious!

But apparently he acquired a taste for Brazilian Sweets. brigadeiroHe fell in love with the Brigadeiros, chocolate truffles made with condensed milk and rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

Sounds good to us! And would make a perfect menu for a World Cup final!


With all those activities - if you're not already totally in World Cup mood you might get in it with a family betting game. Of course without money but you could allocate points: The closer one is to the actual result, the more points. Tidy Books Bear keep the counts of his family current on the Tidy Books ForgetMeNot. At the end the one with the most points will get a little prize. And the others a funny consolation prize...

Tidy Books Bear wishes you and your kids best fun with these World Cup activities for kids and hopes you'll enjoy the rest of this tournament. He's off to the beach, desperately waiting for the next match to begin!

Tell us: Are you a very big soccer fan too? Or just watching the World Cup? We'd love to hear from you.

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